BaseSwap Perpetuals

BaseSwap Perpetuals: A Revolutionary Trading Experience

In a groundbreaking collaboration with UniDex, BaseSwap ushers in a new era of trading through BaseSwap Perpetuals. This thrilling addition brings an unparalleled trading experience to our platform, enabling leveraged trading for cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, and forex, all within the Base ecosystem.

Unleash the Power of Leverage

Dive into the world of leveraged trading with the potential to leverage up to 100x. What distinguishes BaseSwap Perpetuals is the extensive range of trading options at your disposal, seamlessly integrated into the Base ecosystem.

A Streamlined and Effective Trading Arena

BaseSwap Perpetuals employ an order book model, ensuring traders an agile and effective trading environment. This structure guarantees prompt and precise trade executions, amplifying your overall trading engagement.

Trade and Earn Simultaneously

Adding a delightful touch: fees from BaseSwap Perpetuals trading are redirected to our $BSWAP token real yield staking program. As a result, every trade not only brings potential profits but also accrues rewards, enriching your trading experience further.

Amplify Your Trading Strategy

Now, your $BSWAP tokens can be used as collateral on BaseSwap Perpetuals. This cutting-edge functionality presents a myriad of opportunities, enabling you to harness your current assets for heightened strategic trades.

Join the Future of Trading

Step into the future of trading with unparalleled leverage, a vast array of cryptocurrency options, stocks, forex, all presented through a user-friendly CEX-like interface, powered by $BSWAP. Embark on your journey with BaseSwap Perpetuals and participate in the transformation of decentralized exchange trading.

Keep an eye out for more exhilarating updates as we persistently innovate, reshaping the DEX scene on Base! Explore the world of perpetuals trading under the Trade tab dropdown or by visiting

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