NFT Marketplace

BASE's Premier Gas-less NFT Marketplace, Empowered by Moonflow

Visualize an NFT marketplace that's not just seamless but also outshines its peers with its extensive features. It's gas-less, comes with an NFT aggregator, seamlessly integrates with our main DEX, and is powered by $BSWAP. Experience this innovation at

When we say "gas-less", we genuinely mean it. Trade, list, modify, or even cancel — all without parting with a single cent from your wallet. What's even more enticing? Service fees from our marketplace are channeled to supercharge our $BSWAP real yield staking in both $ETH & $USDC, making staking irresistibly rewarding for you.

But our offerings aren't just about cost-cutting. Our platform brims with distinctive features to grant you a formidable edge. Whether it's sweeping entire collections in one click, defining a specific range for floor prices, or placing limit orders – we have it all. Wave goodbye to outdated listings with our intuitive auto-renewal feature. For our NFT enthusiasts, we've unveiled the NFT collage, supplemented by bulk operations for cancellations, listings, or acquisitions. It's like experiencing NFT trading on an adrenaline rush!

Adding to our repertoire, our NFT aggregation offers full-fledged support for OpenSea. This integration allows you to effortlessly explore and snap up OpenSea listings directly on our platform, all while leveraging the myriad of tools we offer. It's as if you have an expansive, one-stop shopping hub dedicated to all things BASE.

Championing the principle of decentralization, our unwavering mission is to craft an ecosystem "By the Based Team, For the Based You." Eschewing middlemen, our platform stands as a testament to collaboration, with our community forming its bedrock. Join us as we together shape the future of Base, embracing a truly permissionless ethos.

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