Yield Booster

Users have the option to boost standard farms with xBSX

The Yield Booster Page allows users to further interact with and see their current boosted positions:

  • Total xBSX Allocated = Entire xBSX allocated for Yield Boosted Farms

  • Your Allocation = xBSX tokens used for Yield Boosting (all farms available)

  • Deallocation Fee = Required Fee for deallocating xBSX to a boosted Farm

  • xBSX balance = Current xBSX in users wallet

Yield Multiplier

In our yield-generating system, you can enhance returns from staked positions in two primary ways: through LP Locks and the Yield Booster Plugin. Here's an explanation of how these mechanisms work:

  1. LP Locks:

    • LP Locks allow you to commit your staked assets (spNFT) for a chosen duration. Opting for longer lock periods results in higher multipliers for your returns.

    • These locks can be renewed. However, the renewal period must match the original lock duration, or a new lock agreement must be created.

    • The multiplier for LP Locks ranges from 1x (no additional boost) to a maximum of 2.5x, translating to an additional 0–150% on top of the base APR. The current setting is 2x, providing a 100% boost over the base APR.

  2. Yield Booster Plugin:

    • Similar to LP Locks, the Yield Booster Plugin can augment your base APR.

    • The maximum boost available through this plugin is also currently set at 100% of the base APR.

  3. Combined Boosting Effect:

    • The total enhanced return on your staked position is the sum of the base APR plus any additional boosts from LP Locks and the Yield Booster.

    • For instance, with a base APR of 150%, the maximum boost from both LP Locks and the Yield Booster (each contributing up to 150%) can elevate the total APR to 450%.

  4. Caps on Boosts:

    • Each pool in our system has a predefined maximum boost limit. The current cap is set at an additional 200% over the base APR (equivalent to tripling the base APR, or 3x).

    • The absolute maximum cap is set at an additional 250% over the base APR (equivalent to 3.5x the base APR).

  5. Calculation Factors:

    • The total boost for each position is calculated considering various factors, including the total staked LP amount across all users, the specific allocation of xBSX to each position, and the overall distribution of xBSX among positions with the same LP.

    • The LP max boost multiplier is a critical factor in this calculation. However, it cannot currently exceed 3x.

Dynamic Allocation of xBSX

  • The allocation of xBSX to a pair influences the boost magnitude. As more xBSX is assigned to a pair, the individual boost for each user's allocated amount decreases. Conversely, less total xBSX assigned to a pair results in a higher APR for each user's allocated amount.

The Yield Booster affects rewards earned from farming emissions for V2/Standard Farms (xBSX) only, without impacting rewards

Deallocating xBSX from this plugin is not subject to any condition, and can be done at any time as shown below:

Examples of spNFT farming mechanics (V2 or V3/Automated-CL Farms)

    • A user creates a BSWAP/ETH spNFT position

    • The BSWAP/ETH pair is incentivized, enabling the staked position to earn yield from farming emissions

    • The user now earns rewards from the active yield farm and a share of the earned fees from each BSWAP/ETH transaction

    • A user creates an XYZ/USDC spNFT position, but the XYZ/USDC pair is not incentivized

    • The user finds the corresponding XYZ pool and deposits the position into it

    • The user earns rewards from the pool and a share of the earned fees from each XYZ transaction

How a user would maximize Yield Boosting on BaseSwap

  1. A user creates an ETH/USDC spNFT position, the pair is incentivized with emissions by BaseSwap

  2. The user deposits his position in an ETH/USDC boosted pool

  3. The user uses a yield booster to increase the spNFT position's existing APR% from farming incentives

  4. The user locks his spNFT position for an additional boost to the APR

  5. As a result, the user's LP token automatically receives a share of the earned fee from each ETH/USDC transaction, the user's spNFT position earns him boosted yield from farming emissions, additionally user earns rewards from the boosted pool.

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