This section offers a detailed insight into xBSX, highlighting its main features and its significance in molding the future of BaseX and BaseSwap.

Lower Emissions and Inflation:

xBSX is pivotal in managing BSX emissions and curbing inflation. By decreasing the allocation of BSX and accumulating xBSX through yield-generating activities, yield farmers bolster the protocol's long-term stability. This method deters mercenary farming and farm & dumping, fostering a more resilient ecosystem that benefits dedicated and long-term holders, further enhancing BSX's standing.

Staking, Earn Real Yield:

xBSX can be staked to earn a portion of DEX revenue in the form of USDbC, derived from swap and staking fees.

Yield Booster:

The utility of xBSX also encompasses enhancing farm rewards. When users stake xBSX, they have the potential to amplify their farming rewards by up to 100% (i.e., 2x), effectively doubling their profits. This attribute encourages those with long-term conviction and offers an added route for optimizing returns within the BaseSwap ecosystem. It rewards the hodl'er with an initial boost, culminating in a 2x boost over the base APR earnings on the farms.

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