$xBSX Token

Name: BaseX Escrowed Token Ticker: xBSX Contract Address: 0xe4750593d1fc8e74b31549212899a72162f315fa xBSX, known as the BaseX Escrowed Token, is crafted to augment the sustainability, adaptability, and profit potential of the BaseSwap ecosystem.

This groundbreaking token strengthens the hand of BSX holders, underpins sustainable tokenomics, and extends numerous advantages within the BaseSwap platform. Its prowess in curbing inflation/emissions, championing governance, and spawning diverse profit avenues fortifies BaseSwap's stature as a premier DEX on the Base Network.

Endowed with a suite of distinct features and perks, xBSX enables stakeholders to decisively influence the platform's trajectory. Through staking liquidity to earn xBSX or minting it, users play a pivotal role in tempering emissions and mitigating inflation, cultivating a robust and equilibrium ecosystem that cherishes genuine, long-standing holders.

By tapering the distribution of BSX and accruing xBSX via yield-centric actions like liquidity provisioning and involvement in xBSX farms, farmers play an active role in modulating emissions and curbing inflation. This stance deters fleeting farming strategies and the trend of farm & dump, paving the way for a more resilient and dependable ecosystem for all members.

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