Cross-chain Swaps

Integrating Cross-Chain Swaps with Squid Router & Axelar

In an exciting development, BaseSwap's liquidity now integrates cross-chain swaps, thanks to the collaboration with Squid Router and Axelar. Swaps on BASE will be routed through us, further enhancing the user experience. This integration enables our users to perform cross-chain swaps directly from the BaseSwap DApp. The result? A hassle-free onboarding onto BASE from any EVM chain and unparalleled trading fluidity.

Want to buy $BSWAP or $BSX? With our enhanced platform, you can now make cross-chain swaps from any EVM chain directly. For instance, transition from Arbitrum USDC to Base BSWAP in just a single click. Dive in and experience trading like you've never seen before.

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