At BaseSwap, the safety and security of our users' assets is of utmost importance. Our core team and lead developers are based in the US, have been fully identified by each other and have completed KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures with both Vital Block Security and SolidProof to ensure user safety.

Inherited Security Measures from Arbidex

Since BaseSwap is developed by the same team behind Arbidex, it inherits several security measures and certifications from Arbidex. This includes the results and recommendations from the comprehensive smart contract audits conducted on Arbidex. These audits provide an additional layer of security assurance for BaseSwap users.

  • Arbitrum Exchange Full Audit Report: The full audit report by Vital Block Security for Arbitrum Exchange, a part of the Arbidex project, can be found here. This audit covers various aspects of smart contract security, potential vulnerabilities, and their resolutions.

  • ArbiDex Audit by SolidProof: The ArbiDex project was also audited by SolidProof, and the details of this audit can be accessed here. This audit provides additional insights into the security measures and code quality of ArbiDex, which are relevant to BaseSwap due to the shared codebase and development practices.

KYC Certificates and Timelock Implementation

The team has personally completed KYC procedures for numerous renowned projects in DeFi and will continue to do so when required. In our ongoing efforts to bolster security and instill confidence in new users, we have implemented a 24-hour timelock, which is also only accessible via our Multisig.

This timelock implementation is a crucial step towards enhanced security and showcases our dedication to providing a secure and trustworthy platform for our users. Our commitment is not just to meet the bare minimum requirements like others but to stand out against the rest!

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