A secondary page for new tokens

Introducing Basic Swap

Basic Swap serves as an auxiliary swap page designed specifically for emerging or upcoming tokens. It's essential to note that by showcasing tokens here, we're not necessarily endorsing the respective token, its underlying DeFi protocol, or the integrity of its contract code. Over time, based on consistent token health, tokens from Basic Swap may graduate to our primary BaseSwap Swap page.

Disclaimer: Your Due Diligence is Paramount

While "do your own research" (DYOR) might sound like a mere catchphrase, it's a pivotal tenet in the DeFi landscape. As an investor, the onus of research lies heavily upon you. That said, we're not indiscriminately adding every token that approaches us to this list. Our team conducts preliminary due diligence – we peruse token contracts for evident red flags, scrutinize documentation, evaluate websites, assess liquidity, and more. We also prioritize protocols that integrate the BaseSwap Token Locker for listings here. Yet, it's vital to remember: when you use BaseSwap, including Basic Swap, you shoulder all associated risks.

For token enthusiasts keen to see their preferred tokens on Basic Swap, kindly raise a ticket in our Discord. Don't forget to provide the token contract address and an image of the token.

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