Setup Wallet

To engage with BaseSwap, you'll require a wallet that's compatible with the Base network. Popular choices include Coinbase Wallet, Rabby, and Metamask. Always make sure to download the most recent version of your chosen wallet directly from a legitimate source. During the setup phase, adhere to the provided guidelines meticulously. It's of paramount importance to securely store your recovery phrases and never share them. Refrain from saving them online or inputting them into any platform other than your authentic wallet.

Follow these steps to set up a Coinbase wallet on your web browser:

  1. Start by visiting the official Coinbase Wallet website. Click on "Install Coinbase" to begin the installation process. Ensure you choose the version tailored to your browser or device, be it iOS or Android.

  2. Once the download is finished, click on "Add to browser" in the top right corner. Proceed by clicking "Add Extension." Once you see the "C" logo in the top right corner of your browser, you'll know the installation was successful.

  3. To begin using Coinbase, you must first create a wallet for your cryptocurrencies. To do this, click on the Coinbase logo in the top right corner. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, set a robust password and then click on "Create New Wallet." You will be presented with a list of 12 seed words. It is essential to store these words securely and refrain from sharing your seed phrase or private key with anyone. This seed phrase is your sole recovery method if you forget your password or lose access to your device. For safety, it's advised to create multiple physical copies of this seed phrase. (Visuals provided below).

4. To engage with BaseSwap, transition to the Base network from the default Ethereum mainnet. Open your wallet and select your current chain, then click on "Add network" at the list's end. Fill in the required details for the Base network:

Network Name: Base


Chain ID: 8453

Currency Symbol: ETH

Block Explorer URL:

You can also opt to use to add the Base chain to your account by linking your wallet to their site.

5. Lastly, head to BaseSwap, connect your wallet, and begin swapping your tokens in a smooth, decentralized fashion.

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